About the Site

When I joined the QuickBooks Design System team last year, I started collecting resources for my personal reference. I've gone back and browsed my collection of sites, articles and tools countless times since then. I decided to organize and catalog these resources into a site so it can be of help to others in the design community.

Design Systems Repo


Design Systems Repo was designed in the browser using HTML, CSS, and Javascript and coded in 💻 Sublime Text. I'm using Gridsome to compile the site's markdown content into a static site. This is the first time I've used Gridsome and Vue on a project, so I'm still learning it and working through a few issues. The site is uploaded on GitHub and then the build is done through 🌎 Netlify. They are also providing the CDN and SSL.

The illustrations on the site are from the 🌟 Streamline UX set made by my friend, Vincent Le Moign who creates amazing icons and illustrations for designers.